A synesthetic apparatus for algorithmic music composition


A great numbers of things of the world surrounding us lies beyond our ability of perception and stays unheard and unseen. Through the application of synesthetic effects and sensory substitution information can be transfered into diverse senses in order to enrich our perception of our environment. Ultrasound for instance can be used as an imaging method for localization and detection – sound that is being transformed into pictures. 

Synphon (sýn (grk): „together“ + phon (grk.): „sound“) is a synesthetic apparatus which maps its environment by means of sensors and transforms visual data into auditory data, producing a three-dimensional sound scape. Based on topics like algorithmic music composition and psychoacoustics synphon serves as a generative tool for sound synthesis and therefore the sonification of the visual itself.

Creative Direction  I  Visuals & Hardware: Verena Bachl
Creative Direction I Production & Code: Karsten Schuhl
Sounddesign: Karsten Schuhl

Materials:   Painted wood, aluminium, electronics

Size:   Length: 45cm  I  Height: 39 cm  I  Width: 26 cm 

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