An installation exploring plasma as a state of matter 

The Phantom Ballet

Commonly light doesn‘t react to external forces. It simply can be refracted, focused, bended and reflected by optical methods. The possibility of forming light lies in a certain state of matter – plasma. The emitted light consists of charged particles and therefore is responsive to magnetic fields. Nevertheless, the conditions for control and design are limited, contingent on the chaotic character of the medium itself.

The installation „The Phantom Ballet“ illustrates how matter is subject to the vivid process of constant and fluent conversion and stages the secret life of fundamental particles and acting forces. This shapeless matter, these invisible phantoms are dancing their ephemeral ballet in a glassy sphere, drawing stories of light in a space between control and life of its own.

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„Shrine for dancing spirits“, KHB Berlin

Creative Direction  I  Visuals & Hardware: Verena Bachl
Creative Direction I Production & Code: Karsten Schuhl
Sounddesign: Karsten Schuhl

Materials:   Steel, stained beech wood, concrete, stainless steel, polyoxymethylen, plasma, electronics

Size: Height: 150 cm  I  Width: 30 cm

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All rights reserved.